The vessel shall be the result of the owner's requirement for high speed and to be able to run in comfort and safety for passengers and crew.

To fulfill these requirements and to have performance and speed in keeping with the design, all weights must be kept to a minimum without sacrificing structural strength.

To succeed in this requires careful design plus attention and care on the part of the builder. All materials and equipment used in the construction are of the highest posible quality.

All of our hulls are female molded construction with Western red cedar strip planked then hand-laid with  fiberglass, and each layer of glass is handplaced and rolled out to give the maximum lamination strenght.
We also hand sand between cured layups to prevent any possible voids or unlaminated areas.

Bulkheads are of solid plywood.Deck and cabin are constructed of balsa with solid plywood in way of deck fittings etc, then fiberglassed inside and outside with epoxy resin.
We install four main engine girders.They shall run from transom to where they run out up forward,then all fiberglassed into place.
Sanding inside hull
Engine girders
Western red cedar striped planked
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